Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Best 5 Binary Trading Tips for Beginners

Trading binary options are very lucrative way of making some additional money, however, in order to become profitable, every trader has to be familiar with all aspects of this type of financial trading. Traders will find it much easier to trade after reading tips listed below and thanks to these instructions they can be profitable from the very first trade.

Dedication and patience

Binary trading seems very easy, and very often will traders find some great testimonials about traders who became rich after only one month of trading. However, such testimonials are often fake, and in order to really gain profit, traders have to put some effort, dedication, time and passion into the process of trading. There are no shortcuts in trading, and beginners often forget that. In order to become profitable, traders have to dedicate their free time and learn, explore and test strategies they plan to use in trading on a regular basis. Remember, luck is a very unreliable lady and often brings misfortune when you count on it.

Traders should have a plan. It can be a simple piece of paper with goals listed. This way, they will never lose the overview of their goals. They can also write down the strategy, or the plan on how will they achieve their goals. These two papers will serve not only as a plan but also as a reminder what their wishes truly are and how they plan to achieve them. Thanks to such approach, traders will easily avoid procrastinating and loss of focus.

Constant Education

Binary Options New ZealandWhen someone mentions education, most of us think about schools, colleges, and universities, but the good news is that binary options educations are very democratic. Education is a must for every binary options trader, and there are no excuses as many brokers provide plenty of learning materials. Learning is an essential step in gaining profit. Only with a lot of effort can traders become professionals and gain larger sums with binary options trading. Traders have to focus, expand their vocabulary and learn how to use charts, as these steps are crucial in trading binary options.

Depending on how much the trader already knows about financial markets, it usually takes from one to three months to achieve an acceptable level of knowledge. Of course, traders who want to become serious players can easily learn even more by taking advanced courses and webinars. Thanks to education, traders can easily recognize different patterns and make more money trading due to their better understanding of the market. Traders can also share their knowledge and learn from other peoples’ mistakes. Don’t hurry, take your time and learn what you need. The effort now means profit later.

Demo Trading

It happens very often that traders can’t wait to make some money, so they rush to place their first trade. Before doing that, take a deep breath and open a free demo. Free demo accounts are great opportunity to learn about binary options, test strategies and getting familiar with the platform. There is not a single reason why traders should avoid demo binary options trading.

As demo accounts use virtual money, there are no real risks involved. Traders don’t have to worry they will lose their money due to wrongly read the chart. For this reason, demo accounts are recommended to all traders, no matter how experienced. They simply allow you to make mistakes and trade without true risk. It can be used for practicing or testing.

Gambling Nature

Binary options are easy to understand, so many traders believe they are all about luck. Because of this prejudice, they approach binary trading as if it was gambling. The truth couldn’t be further from that! Binary options trading is the type of investing, completely regulated and executed with the serious approach so there is no reason to consider them gambling.

Traders who believe they can use the same approach in gambling and binary trading will definitely lose money, as they won’t act rationally in a crucial moment. Binary trading is most profitable when traded according to the plan. Traders should never invest all their money at once, or even in a very short period of time. They should focus on what is going on at the moment and never linger in past. Every day is a new start, and there is a new amount to be invested. Always have money for at least four to five trades, and learn when and how to stop.

Learn from Other Peoples’ Mistakes

Learning from the mistakes of others and not looking for the big money fast is one of the key elements of success. Binary options traders also must count on few losses by themselves, as they will not immediately become profitable. Also, mistakes happen every now and then – there is no strategy that guarantees 100% success. Traders must always focus on reviews, educational materials, the advice of other traders, useful tools and features in order to make a profit.

Don’t make big bets in the very beginning, and don’t expect to become a pro within two weeks or months. There is no need to hurry, as Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Focus on what is important and go step by step.