Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are trading recommendations that can help you increase your trading profits. If you simply don’t have the time or inclination to study market analysis, take advice from the experts by using binary options signals. These professional recommendations make binary options trading a whole lot easier.

Best Binary Options Trading Signals Providers

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What are Binary Signals?

Binary options signals are useful trading alerts that notify traders who sign up with a signal provider. Many beginners, who do not have the necessary skills and experience that enable them to consistently get high win rates, will appreciate signals, since they use insights from industry experts to generate profitable trading opportunities. A signal is basically a guideline that users can easily integrate into their own trading strategy.

How Are Signals Formed?

The financial market can be volatile at times, and it is often difficult to predict its future movements. Consequently, this leaves room for much speculation about the future prices of assets. Traders who deal with binary options and other sorts of financial instruments are often confronted with difficulties when it comes to identifying opportunities that ultimately result in profit. Not everyone is an expert and this is why signals can be helpful!

Generally, financial experts calculate the relationship between the price of the asset and other market variables, then try to figure out the meaning behind certain graph patterns and the way in which prices are established. There is no straightforward method of forecasting the movement of prices – professionals mostly rely on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as their own seasoned experience.

Binary Options Signals based on Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis comprises factors that determine long term growth, such as price-earnings ratio and liquidity assessment. Technical analysis, on the other hand, is used to reveal the variety of patterns that provide indications on the movement of the price. For inexperienced traders, it may take some time to acquire the skills to master these tools and more importantly, to use them correctly.

How Can Signals Help Me Earn More?

Signals can therefore be helpful as a means of increasing one’s capital, for those just starting out in the binary options trading world. However, they can also be equally useful to experienced traders as they help the cover other corners of the markets they would not otherwise be able to and to make a larger amount of trades, leading to an overall more successful trading experience.

How Can I get Binary Options Signals?

Signals can take the form of written instructions sent directly to the trader’s PC. Some signals are delivered via e-mail or SMS, while others require visiting a particular website.

How to use Binary Options Signals

If the signal is delivered as written text, the trader will then be required to paste the text into the trading tool and trade accordingly. Auto trading goes a step further and trades signals by transferring them to the trading platform the trader is currently using and executing the trade automatically.

How Much do Binary Options Signals Cost?

Signals are either provided free of charge or the trader will usually be required to pay a monthly fee, in order to have full access to them. However, the constant growth of the binary trading industry has led to the lowering of prices in recent years. This does not necessarily mean that the signals obtained are of poor quality, rather on the contrary, many reliable signal providers, offering free signals are currently taking over the market.

Can I get Binary Signals for Free?

The truth is that many providers choose to offer free signals because very high trading volumes means that the cost per signal falls dramatically. It’s important to consider that signals expire after a certain time frame, hence it is crucial to act within the right time.

Binary Signal Types

There are two main types of signals: push or act. Push signals refer to the fact that the alert received must be used immediately because they expire quickly. Act signals require the trader to wait for the change indicated in the price and only then to act and carry out the trade. Both types include their pros and cons; push signals require that traders must be alerted immediately, in order to execute the trade, while it’s a waiting game with act signals, as traders must wait for the price to reach the suggested level. Constantly following levels can prove a challenge because if the optimal time frame is missed, the variables may change completely and your chance is lost.

How to Choose a Signal Provider?

Selecting the most experienced and professional binary options signals service provider in the industry means half the work is already done for you According to the most recent statistics, best signal services manage to achieve win rates of over 65%. Some binary options auto trading software solutions are trying to make use of computer-based algorithmic trading, but financial experts still prove to be the better choice for providing signals for binary trading.

Algobit Signals Review

Algobit is a binary options signals provider that was developed by the popular broker OptionBit as an algorithm system that generate
s and delivers signals to traders. Registering for a trading account with Algobit will allow traders to trade on the Optionbit platform using the same account. However, they may also opt to trade Algobit signals with any other broker of their choosing.

Algobit has been on the market since 2012 and was awarded the Best Innovative Technology for 2012 award as well as Best product of the year in the 2012 Financial Innovation Awards (FIA).

This signals provider is actually perfect for beginners or newbies to the world of trading since the system does all the heavy lifting so traders don’t have to.

Signing up for an Algobit account is free of charge and even better, traders are not required to make a deposit to be able to observe and test the signals. More importantly, Algobit promises traders 80% accuracy in trend prediction.

If you have tested the signals and are satisfied, you can open a real account with a minimum deposit of $200. The minimum trade amount is just $5, you can make a total of 40 trades from your first deposit. When registering for an account with Algobit, you will be able to trade signals using the OptionBit broker platform.

OptionBit is one of the world’s leading binary options brokers, fully regulated by EU financial watchdog CySEC. They are one of the few brokers we will continue to promote, since being regulated demonstrates a certain standard of quality and moreover, for reasons of safety, we only recommend trading with a regulated broker.

How Do Algobit Signals Work?

Algobit uses an innovative technology to analyze and filter financial data from real-time market activity. In this way, traders do not have to spend hours on tedious research themselves. The system claims to help traders accurately predict market trends based on asset history and rate statistics.

The system is extremely simple and user-friendly so much so that traders do not need to have any technical skills to use it since it is self-sufficient and presents the information in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Simply follow the signals that appear on the left side of the screen to start winning consecutive trades.

Since traders rely on signals fro Algobit software, all they have to do is manually select the expiry time (ranging from 1 minute to end-of-day) of the option and the investment amount. The system does the rest. Traders can refresh the page by clicking the ‘Analysis’ button to make sure they have all the latest market information.

Algobit is not just for beginners; even experienced traders can benefit by making use of these signals since they would be able to place twice as many trades as they normally would because of the system’s automatic ability to generate signals twice as fast as manual trading.

Algo Signals Review

Algo Signals is an advanced software that gives the opportunity to New Zealand traders to boost their Forex and Crypto trading experience by allowing them to upgrade their trading account as they progress. What is important, is the fact that traders can practice by using the free demo account before they decide to switch to a live account. Hence, novice traders can improve their trading skills, get to know how to use the free signals, trading tools as well as the platform.

Algo Signals Novice Account

As already explained, Algo Signals offers a low minimum deposit so that beginners can start trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies just by depositing $250. With the novice account, traders gain access to a special set of benefits that include 3 currency pairs, a chance to keep 3 trades open at the same time and trade with multiple brokers and Leaderboard multiplier x1.

Algo Signals Expert Account

Once beginners become more advanced traders they can upgrade to an expert account. In order to do so, traders need to deposit $500 and then, they get access to added benefits including trading 9 currency pairs, gaining access to additional settings and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

Algo Signals Master Account

The full power of the Algo Signals software comes to New Zealand traders who unleash its full potential by upgrading to a master account. In order to do so, they need to make a $500 deposit to two different brokers. Once they do, they receive all the previously mentioned benefits plus Leaderboard multiplier x3, all the advanced settings and all the currency pairs as well as a VIP customer support. This proves how valuable this account type is.

Algo Signals Demo Account

Novice traders or traders who simply wish to test the waters can use the free demo account for 5 full days and make as many trades as they wish. The demo account comes preloaded with $1500. Please note that this is a demo account and no real money can be made. This is just for practicing and getting familiar with the software and the trading tools offered. In order to make money, traders need to switch to a live account once they become confident and skilled enough.

Several settings are available in Algo Signals including Forex and Crypto trading. These setting include Reverse Trading, Max Daily Trades, Daily Take Profit, Daily Stop Loss and setting the preferred probability for the trading signals the traders receive. As a result, New Zealand traders can be in control of their trading experience. The settings available increase with each account type. The more advanced the account is, the more settings it offers.

How to Trade Forex with Algo Signals?

Stop loss and take profit are the most important trading tools available to traders. By setting a stop loss and take profit, traders can be in full control of their money. For instance, if a trader sets the stop loss to $100 and the take profit to $200 then, the system will automatically close the trade once any of those two prespecified prices are met. Hence, traders can know exactly what their profit or loss will be in advance since there is not an expiration for these. Thus, traders can focus on their trading instead of constantly having to worry whether or not it is a good time to close their trade.

How Does Algo Signals Work?

Algo Signals is a free, web-based software that can be run directly from any web browser and hence, it does not require a download and it won’t take any space on your computer. It is important for traders to understand that Algo Signals is not a broker but serves as the connection between traders and licensed brokers. This means that deposits and withdrawals are done by the broker and not by Algo Signals. Several banking methods are available depending on the selected broker.