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Fibonacci Resistance Lines

If you want to become a triumphant trader then you need to apply the Fibonacci resistance tool to the underlying market’s price action. If you don’t know about this pattern yet then it is time that you did some research on it and learned about it.

It is quite difficult to say why traders use these lines but we can conclude that it is a way of helping them make their next trade. Puts and Calls and Stops and Limits are all closely related to the Fibonacci Lines.

If somebody says that these lines are like self-fulfilling prophecies then that does not mean that they foresee the upcoming days of the market. They are really helpful though when the trader is trying to located where the support is and where the resistance is. An effective time period to use when trading binary options are the daily or weekly and four-hour time price charts.

Markets often move in Fibonacci ratios when they react and change to risks. Below are some tips on how to apply the Fibonacci lines to binary option trading.

  1. Locate the right Fibonacci line by taking a daily or weekly chart.
  2. When you have applied the Fibonacci line it is time for you to decide where the price is in relation with the key Fibonacci ratios.
  3. Once you have selected the price of binary option strike price you want to trade at, then it is time for you to determine which one of the Fibonacci lines is close to the binary option strike price.

The result of the overlaying Fibonacci lines on the underlying market can prove to be very useful to the trader. The relationship between Fibonacci lines and binary option strike prices is very important since they are able to confirm whether or not the planned strike price is the best one to use for the trader.

Example: A trader decides to go a long binary option strike price but that strike price of the trader is a little above a key 61.8 Fib line which shows that there is a good possibility of resistance. The likelihood of a booming trade is highly unlikely and it would call for much more energy than predicted. Fibonacci lines help a trader to spot a binary option price if the spot market has explored on top of a 61.8% Fib line recently. If the trader wants to go with the strategy known as “in- the-money” then picking the strike price beneath the Fib line is probably a good idea.

Some important Fibonacci ratios for binary trading options are 50%, 61.8%, and 38.2%. (image page 96)

You need to find out the low and high created on the price chart. The Fibonacci line strategy will help you join the high to the low and produce Fibonacci rations.

By reading this article you have well-read the basic form of technical analysis as a binary option trader. Being a trader requires you to understand patterns in the price action. The patterns may also reflect the market’s attitude. Binary option trading is based on direction and the trader should definitely focus on the trend analysis and apply patterns analysis. This will help to boost their self-confidence on the trading decisions that they make. If you do this then you will increase your chances of getting good results.