Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Auto Trading Robot

Binary Options Auto Trading is the perfect first step in the right direction for newbie traders. You may already have heard a lot about trading signals and how these handy notifications can potentially transform an average trader into a successful one, practically overnight. Auto Trading ventures a step further by reading the signals and then makes the trades for you, requiring minimal human input. All you have to do is sit back and focus on reeling in the profits.

Best Binary Options Auto Trading Robots New Zealand

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How Does Binary Auto Trading Work?

Auto trading comes recommended by many experts and is especially suitable for beginners who lack the necessary skills and experience to make their own choices. By using auto trading, traders can adopt a more laid-back approach as they don’t have to worry about analyzing charts and graphs or following market trends and financial news. The robot receives signals from financial experts or computer based algorithms, then takes all the steps to execute the trade, thereby giving traders the opportunity to increase their profits even with having little to no familiarity with the trading process.

Take off some of the pressure to perform well immediately and ease into the trading experience by making use of binary auto trading. You definitely won’t regret it.

Choosing a Robot for Binary Auto Trading

Robots are the newest trend to spread across the financial sector. Most software will differ in terms of the design of the trading platform; standalone applications are more stable but most be downloaded and installed on the user’s PC. Understandably, this can prove bothersome for some traders. Browser plug-ins are an even worse option since it is much less stable and oftentimes clumsy.

We only recommend auto traders which make use of web-based software, so there is no need for cumbersome installing or downloading of additional extensions or programs. BinaryOptionRobot not only uses the best, automated binary trading software online with no need for downloads, but also trades with the most trusted brokers around, contributing to its credibility, so you can guarantee that you will be safe when using this robot. As an added plus, setting up an account with them is completely free of charge with no hidden costs.

Is it Safe and Is It Worth it?

As far as benefits go, they are multiple as listed above, as opposed to manual trading. The question that most traders are interested in is how much they are likely to earn using this form of trading. With reliable, honest services like Binary Options Robot, we have repeatedly calculated successful results and high win rates ranging from 60.

However, we advise users to exert caution when opting for different robots. Always be on the alert not to fall for the most common trading scams, such as promises of big payouts and various ‘make money fast’ schemes, implemented by sleazy companies to entice customers to sign up with them. These types of assurances are a far cry from the real results such sites will actually yield.

Social Trading in Binary Options

Social trading platforms work similarly to auto-trading, the main difference being that this type of platform allows investors to copy trades made by more successful binary options traders, in order to maximize their profits, without having to rely on complex fundamental or technical analysis. As a successful trader, you can also get other investors to copy your own trades and get rewarded for it, earning yourself, even more, money. So the idea behind the concept of social trading is that useful trading information is made public for others to benefit from, encouraging a win-win situation for all.

Social Trading and Copy Trading as form of Auto Trading

Binary options trading is ever evolving industry and auto trading is no exception to this rule. Among the latest trends in the industry is copy trading and social trading, two very familiar types of trading that still have some differences. Also, these innovative ways of placing trades are often deeply intervened with auto trading software.

Social trading and copy trading are often additional features on auto trading platforms or can exist as standalone platforms. They are a further step in the development of binary options industry.

What is Social Trading in Binary Options?

Social trading is, as the name says, based on social networks and forums. Traders get together in chat rooms and share advice and experiences. They can also follow each other to know what popular traders are doing and how they are thinking. Copiers can select what trades to place, according to the gossip in the community. Of course, social binary options trading requests more knowledge than classic auto trading, but it is also better for traders who want to have complete control over their funds and actions. The trader is the one who is responsible, as he has the final world.

What is Copy Trading in Binary Options?

Copy trading is the much easier solution for all binary options problems. It is much more straightforward than social trading, and it is more similar to binary options auto trading. First, traders have to find another successful trader, according to filter features provided. Then, they simply have to select the option to copy the trades. Unfortunately, this no-brainer approach is often risky, as even the best traders make mistakes.

Copy trading vs. Social trading vs. Auto Trading

It is hard to recommend one type of binary options trading over the other, as all of them have their good and bad sides. Also, copy, social and automated trading are often available on the same platform, and traders can select which one they prefer, or whatever combination they like.

There are many platforms that combine copy trading with auto trading, and traders should definitely consider this option?

Are Social Trading and Copy Trading Reliable?

Before making the final judgment about social trading and copy trading, traders should now that these types of trading are reliable as companies that offer this type of service. Social trading on a scam platform won’t bring satisfying results, but trading with the well-known and respected platform will definitely be more profitable.

Two best social and copy trading platforms are CopyOp and eToro. CopyOp is in the ownership of AnyOption binary broker and is regulated by CySEC, while eToro is a platform specialized in social and copy trading that is regulated by both CySEC and FCA in the United Kingdom.

CopyOp was one of the hottest social trading platforms in the world. Social and copy trading are special types of binary trading that basically allow traders to trade the way the successful traders do. Users simply have to find traders with good trading results, and do exactly the same thing as they do – and CopyOp social trading platform allows them exactly that.

Binary Option Robot Review

BinaryOptionRobot was a highly professional auto binary options auto trading software and from this review you will find out why we consider it to be a reliable tool. The Binary Options Robot review contains complete information about its general features as well as the VIP account features. Since this tool does not require any downloads and offers advantages such as risk and portfolio maturity setting, it is understandable why it has gained its popularity among so many reputable investors and why important brokers are willing to work with them.

Binary Option Robot Trading Software

Binary Options Robot was designed by a Danish company and it was easy to use by anyone in this field. Whether this is the first time you are trading binary options or you are quite experienced in the field, when using BinaryOptionRobot you will not encounter any problems. Its designers wanted to create a tool that has the highest success rate in the industry and they succeeded and the fact that it offers access to customizing features is certainly an added bonus.

Binary Options Robot allows users to trade with several brokers at the same time. All features are presented in a drop down menu and they can customize their trading experience as they see fit. BinaryOptionRobot has a feature where it allows users to set a Stop Loss limit where the software stops automatically if it reaches a certain amount the investor is no longer willing to lose over that day. Users can also set a maximum number of trades per day and the amount they want to trade with from the same menu. Binary Options Robot also offers a VIP account feature for those who want to take their trading experience to the next level. However, this type of account is only offered through special promotions or referrals, so those who are interested in it should watch their email closely and get the offer as soon as it arrives, because the number of VIP accounts feature is always limited.

Placing Trades on Binary Options Robot

Traders still wonder how to place trades on Binary Option Robot. In this article, we will discuss this and show how easy it is to trade like a professional trader. Register for free and deposit with one or more binary brokers. Binary Option Robot is a free binary software that lets you trade from any device that has internet connection. It is a web-based application that runs from the cloud.

After they register with Binary Option Robot, traders will automatically get one of the reliable brokers from Robot platform. There are various brokers available to register with and traders can later register with more brokers if they like. After making a deposit on broker’s account, traders will see their funds available on Robot portfolio and they are ready to auto trade. How to automatically place trades with Binary Option Robot? Traders can use Robot both for automated or manual trading. This gives them option to diversify their trading strategy. Before the actual trading starts, the trader has to arrange some requirements have to continue.

Considering that trader made a deposit with a broker, “Active Trading “ button must be enabled.

Traders can settle their trading options, according to their preferences. Traders can pick their trading options according to their preferences. Binary Option Robot administers more than 50 assets to trade with. Traders can select assets to their liking, but the recommendation is to choose more than just a few. The more assets traders trade with, the higher the chances their numerous trades will be profitable.

This is everything that is needed to place trades on Robot. Robot will receive binary signals and place them automatically, according to your preferences. Traders can always change their options and monitor trading results in the trading history tab. Binary Options Robot VIP account Traders are granted to get a VIP membership with more trading privileges that will increase their trading experience. VIP account allows risk level option, trading strategies and expiry times feature. Traders just need to deposit with a broker and they will be granted with VIP membership.

Binary Option Robot Account Features

Binary Options Robot goes a step further and allows traders to personalize their trading account. The trading account or real account is completely free and comes equipped with useful features. Binary Options Robot features are created to help traders personalize their trading portfolio. Thanks to these features, the trader is always in charge of his money!

bosr settings

The Binary Options Robot Real Account features are as follows:

  • Max daily trades – feature created to allow traders to limit the number of trades executed each day. The trader wants to execute 15 trades? No problem, all he has to do is type the number!
  • Daily stop loss – another very useful feature for money management. It allows a trader to invest more responsibly and trade according to the plan.

The VIP account feature allows the user to customize his trading experience even more. For instance, traders will be able to set the maturity of their portfolio by selecting the types of signals they are interested in, depending on their expiry rates. Those who want to trade short term will probably turn off signals with daily, weekly or monthly expiry times, while those who are interested in long-term investments will not need short term signals. In addition, users can select their level of risk. During the testing phase, for higher risk trades the success rate hit 78% while for the safest trades it hit staggering 90%. Of course, the safer the trades, the fewer they will be, but those who want play it safe will certainly appreciate this feature.

Furthermore, the VIP account feature allows users to change their signal providers. Currently, Binary Option Robot collaborates with 4 signal providers: Mircea and Katrina, The Algorithm Trader MT4 and Pro Traders Sergiy. Depending on the signal provider they choose, investors can determine which path they want to take with their portfolios.

One of the most important features offered by Binary Option Robot is the fact that there is no need to download and install anything. Everything has been designed to make things as simple as possible, but traders need to keep in mind that they will have to open a new account with the broker of their choice from the robot’s dashboard, even if they might already have a valid account with that particular broker because the system does not work for existing clients.

Binary Option Robot works with EU brokerage firms, meaning that everyone has enough options to choose from. Upon accessing the Binary Options Robot for the first time, it will automatically open an account for you at the broker that is he best for your country, so all you have to do is make a deposit and begin trading. If you want to choose a different broker you can open another account without any problems from the Dashboard. Your username and password will be delivered by email and you will only need to introduce them in the box that appears on the screen. These are the brokers that BinaryOptionRobot works with so far along with their minimum trades.

CopyOp Review

CopyOp is a social trading platform created by respectable broker – AnyOption. Traders who decide to register with CopyOp can simply follow lists of great traders and copy their trading style. This way, they can generate profit without prior knowledge which makes it great for beginners. CopyOp is also a CySEC regulated social trading platform.

How to Open Account with CopyOp?

copyop tradeTraders who want to start social trading with CopyOp should first register on the platform. The registration process is really easy. Traders first have to fill in a simple form that requires basic information. Then, they can create their own profile picture or avatar if they like.

Immediately after the registration process is finished, traders can visit the platform. The trading platform (or social trading platform) is very user-friendly. In CopyOp review was found out how traders can click through the platform even before depositing real money. This is a great feature as traders can learn what social trading is all about. CopyOp is not offering demo accounts, but traders still get access to discover the platform.

How to Deposit with CopyOp?

CopyOp review showed that this broker is supporting depositing and withdrawing via credit card and bank wire. Bank wire is a method that usually takes longer, sometimes even up to 5 days for funds to be visible on the trading account. The deposit amount is set to $500, but existing AnyOption traders should research their possibilities with account managers. As soon as the funds are transferred traders can start with social trading experience.

copyop trade

CopyOp Social Feed Features

CopyOpt trading is allowing traders various lists that are positioned on social feed. That way, users can always find the trader they like. CopyOp review showed that traders can be followed depending on the markets traded, copies made, or trades done. All this takes place in real-time so traders know they’ll never miss a good investing opportunity.

Traders can follow other traders, copy trades or simply trade and be leaders and role models for other users on CopyOp social trading platform.

CopyOp Binary Options Trading

CopyOp social trading review showed that trading with this service provider is easy and fun. Once the trader enters the platform, there will be social feed placed on the right. Starting there, traders can easily find the traders and trades they prefer. There is also a list of assets, divided into groups. Traders can also search for trades depending on expiry time, asset type, or their favorites that are already memorized by the platform.

copyop trade

Once the trader selects the asset, the chart is displayed on the platform, and the trader can follow market movements and place trades.

CopyOp Features

Traders can also copy trades by selecting that option on the top of the page. All users have to do is press ‘Social’ button and new opportunities will be listed on the dashboard. CopyOp review noticed that no matter what the strategy is, trader always has an amazing overview of what is happening during the trading process, as everything is neatly listed like newsfeed or chart, depending on the trading style.

copyop trade

CopyOp review noticed how traders can also only select to follow certain trades. This way user will be notified in case the original trader makes a move. CopyOp traders can also buy binary trades from other traders. All these features allow great trading experience and money management for all types of traders.

CopyOp Success Rate

CopyOp review has to note that there are two ways to make money with CopyOp. First one is to follow profitable traders and copy successful trades to generate profit.

The other way to make money is to place profitable original trades. CopyOp users are given money every time they gain a follower. CopyOp coins can easily be converted to real money without special terms and conditions.

CopyOp also has some special promotions and bonuses ready for traders who want to use them. The required turnover is x15 which is significantly lower than with most brokers. The average success rate with CopyOp is 80%, but traders can also count on additional funds in case they place some original trades.

Qbits MegaProfit System is innovative new auto trading software for binary options trading. This means that Qbits MegaProfit System is used for automated trading, which has quickly become the most popular way of trading in the world as it promises great results without much effort or time invested.

Auto trading is the perfect solution for both beginners and advanced traders alike. Qbits MegaProfit System review will provide traders a great overview over this auto trading software. We strongly a recommend reading it whole as it gives great insight in trading with this robot.

Qbits MegaProfit Review

Qbits MegaProfit System robot has many useful and interesting features, but the best one is that it supports profitable auto trading without previous knowledge or experience. Traders don’t have to be market professionals or have business degrees to trade with Qbits MegaProfit System. They can easily skip analysis altogether, as it is robot’s concern.

Instead of spending time on complicated analysis, traders can spend more time with their loved ones. They don’t have to follow financial news, use complicated charts and trying to find out what the diagrams are all about. Thanks to this feature, Qbits MegaProfit System is the perfect choice for a beginner who is looking for an easy start in binary options trading. They don’t have to be concerned if their knowledge is not as vast as it should be, as they compensate for the lack of it by using the robot.

The technology behind Qbits MegaProfit System is quantum technology which means that this robot can track down market movements 3,600 times faster than any supercomputer in the world. Trading with Qbits is not only easy but also precise and very profitable. Successful trades are all over the market, but only traders who use robots like Qbits can expect to make a significant profit and enjoy it.

Of course, traders start binary options trading to make a profit, and with Qbits, traders don’t have to worry, as it’s software really finds the best trading opportunities. There are many users who find Qbits MegaProfit System amazing, and the best choice on the market.

qbits trading interface signals

According to Qbits MegaProfit System Review, this software can be a lovely opportunity to make an additional income.

Qbits is completely automated, and traders can rely on it 100%. There is no manual trading involved. All trades are found within 2 milliseconds, and fast execution that follows guarantees the best trading opportunities. Also, traders don’t have to pay any additional fees for using this software. Traders who are only beginning their binary journey don’t have to spend their money on numerous costs that can be avoided thanks to Qbits.

Qbits MegaProfit Auto Trading System

Before the trading process starts, traders have to register with Qbits MegaProfit System. The registration process is very easy and traders are asked only their name, phone number, and email. This means that traders don’t have to give much of their personal information to the robot.

After registration, traders get a broker offered to them immediately. They should make a deposit with that broker, and then, they can start trading. Before depositing, traders will never get an insight into the trading platform. This means that Qbits is maybe more focused on professional or more experienced traders than on beginners. Also, this practice could and should be changed so traders know what they are getting for their money in every moment.

Still, according to Qbits MegaProfit Systems Review, this remains an auto trading robot, which means that previous knowledge is not as important as in manual binary options trading. Traders who deposit more, usually can count on higher profit, as always when it comes to financial trading.

Qbits review showed that this binary trading robot promises high profit from the very beginning, so traders can rely on a steady income from their binary options trading. This makes the entire process more reliable and very solid.

One of the biggest disadvantages that showed up during Qbits review is the fact that this auto trading robot doesn’t provide any insight to the platform until the deposit is made. This could turn away beginners who don’t have too many funds and who want to know what possibilities their money opens for them.

However, high accuracy and promising profit rates can be very convincing when it comes to selecting the perfect binary options trading robot or auto trading software.

NZ Robot Trade

There are many binary brokers that are available for certain countries, depending on their laws and financial regulations. With Binary Options Robot New Zealand you have the ability to trade with brokers that are reliable and trustworthy, so your main focus will be exploring of their features and trading with them. Binary Options Robot offers only highly profitable and brokers that are following fair rules in the the binary trading market.

Traders that have a residence in New Zealand can register with Binary Options Robot for free and login to their trading account. All binary brokers that are available on Robot’s dashboard are brokers that are applying to legal aspects in New Zealand.

Traders who are unsafe with similar auto robots can peacefully trade with Binary Options Robot because its brokers have been tested and passed trustworthy tests.

Binary Options Robot New Zealand will satisfy all traders since it offers the best possible service on the market.