Chart-pattern based Binary Options Strategies – The Flag

Chart-pattern based Binary Options Strategies – The Flag

Chart-pattern based binary options strategies are among the most efficient ways to profitability. Chart patterns occur all the time and some of them are easier to identify than others. Unfortunately, flag and pennant patterns, on which the strategy discussed in this article is based, are among the most difficult to spot. It is therefore safe… Read more

Fibonacci Resistance Lines

If you want to become a triumphant trader then you need to apply the Fibonacci resistance tool to the underlying market’s price action. If you don’t know about this pattern yet then it is time that you did some research on it and learned about it. It is quite difficult to say why traders use… Read more

Trend Lines Strategies

In all the markets, trend lines are the major tool for everyone who trades. For a binary option trader, trend lines are the most powerful thing that they can utilize when trading. Traders who are able to find out how trend lines are used won’t rely much on technical indicators which are commonly used by… Read more

Skrill Moneybookers

Moneybookers is a device that is used all over the world. This site is very easy to use and you can send money to people of other countries. You can also buy items present online when you use this website. When you use Skrill Moneybookers you will have many advantages and many rewards will be… Read more

Best binary options payment methods

The by far easiest way to handle your money online is by using Skrill Moneybookers or another online wallet available. That is if you trade at various brokers and move funds around all the time. Moneybookers is usually instant deposits and only a two to three days wait when withdrawing. When you use Moneybookers you… Read more

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