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Bitcoin News Trader Review 2020

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Founded in 2018, BTC Trader is revolutionary software fundamentally changing the way that people can trade cryptocurrencies. The software tracks high quality news reports from multi-media sources, that may influence cryptocurrency markets directly or indirectly. Using the news collected, expert analysts at BTC Trader create easy-to-understand, trading recommendations for individual crypto coins.

We think it’s fair to say, that trying to make sense of all the information that might influence cryptocurrency volatility, is boring and time consuming for most people. More importantly, the time needed to evaluate all the news, usually means that it’s too late to make profitable trades based on that news! The BTC Trader software is owned and operated by BTC Trader Ltd, a technology services company with a ‘game changing’ vision.

  1. Website Preview

  1. Bitcoin News Trader Account Features

    The software powering the BTC Trader is built on a unique algorithm, designed to track quality news from several hundred reputable news outlets. Typically, the BTC Trader searches for news reports that could impact traditional forex markets as well as cryptocurrency markets. The software works tirelessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, collecting news that meets the criteria set in the software parameters. Unlike human news collectors, the algorithm doesn’t get side-tracked by irrelevant news and doesn’t behave emotionally. As fast as news reports are collected, a team of analysts working in the BTC Trader intelligence hub evaluate them, looking for key influencing factors. Probable price trends are identified and posted on the BTC Trader interface with positive or negative trading recommendations.

    What makes the trading recommendations especially valuable to traders, is the speed with which they appear on the interface, giving traders the possibility of opening advantageous trading positions, before the cryptocurrency markets can react to news reports. We saw that the analytical team produces a broad range of useful information on the BTC Trader interface, giving traders solid facts important for making informed trading decisions. Apart from the positive and negative trading recommendations shown as trading signals, traders can see the current price of each crypto coin as well as the price of the crypto coins at the time of the last news release. Past price fluctuations and expected future price trends are clearly indicated on a small chart. Conveniently, traders can set a time on the interface from when trading recommendations should start showing. Clearly, to have a time advantage over other traders, traders require access to the most recent trading signals.

    BTC Trader Covers Multiple Cryptocurrencies

    We thought that the name BTC  Trader would lead traders to think that the software only provides news reports and trading recommendations for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We can reassure our readers that it’s not the case. In fact, BTC Trader collects news reports and makes trading recommendations for a very broad range of popular cryptocurrencies seen on crypto exchanges globally. This includes Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, ZCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dodge Coin and Litecoin. Moreover, the BTC Trader collects news reports that could impact traditional foreign currency markets and provides forex trading signals too. In our opinion, the broad functionality of the software, makes it a flexible trading tool with a lot of potential value to forex and crypto traders alike.

    Is the BTC Trader Easy to Use?

    BTC Trader is an incredibly easy software to use, with a simply laid out interface, designed to suit all traders.  Even the most inexperienced traders usually feel comfortable within minutes of registering with BTC Trader. Because the software does all the work for traders, all they need to do is follow the trading recommendations clearly shown on the BTC Trader interface for each currency. In our experience, trading in cryptocurrencies can be risky because of the volatile nature of the markets. By applying recommendations based on reliable news sources, even novice traders can execute trades without requiring knowledge of crypto trading. However, we suggest that our readers inform themselves about trading cryptocurrency CFDs, before beginning to trade on the live platform. We have several interesting articles on our website aimed at providing traders with basic trading skills and to build awareness of the potential risks of online trading.

  2. Bitcoin News Trader Trading Software

    To get access to the free news and trading recommendations provided on the BTC Trader interface, customers must start off by registering an account with XBT News Trader. Following account registration, customers get an email with access information for the BTC Trader interface. Importantly, they are assigned to one of the crypto brokers partnering with BTC Trader.

    The broker is needed to provide a trading platform with instruments for crypto trading. Notably, without opening a trading account with a partner broker, customers registered with BTC Trader cannot access the interface to get the trading recommendations for investing on the crypto trading platform.

    Features of the BTC Trader Software

    We found the BTC Trader interface especially user-friendly. What’s more, the software is provided in 8 languages including English, Danish, Norwegian, German, Spanish and Italian. Significantly, the interface features a cryptocurrency dashboard and a separate forex currency dashboard giving traders an extensive selection of news reports, analyses and trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency interface features negative and positive analyses of the live news reports of the day and trading signals for the different cryptocurrencies listed on the interface. A filtering system lets customers select cryptocurrencies of interest, rather than viewing the entire list of trading recommendations for all the cryptocurrencies covered by BTC Trader. Moreover, clients can set times for when they want to begin seeing trading signals. We decided to use a positive trading recommendation for Bitcoin and made a successful trade. The signals on Ripple and Bitcoin cash were inconclusive so we didn’t trade those currencies. Interestingly, the interface at BTC Trader has an onward price signals chart, where traders can see the actual price movements that occurred for various cryptocurrencies and whether trading would have been successful despite ‘flat’ signals.

    Applying BTC Trader Signals to Trade Cryptocurrencies

    Once traders have registered with BTC Trader and opened a funded live trading account with the allocated cryptocurrency broker, they can begin using the free trading signals to trade cryptocurrencies. It’s important to realise that cryptocurrency trading cannot take place on the BTC Trader interface. The BTC Trader provides the news and trading recommendations for traders to act on, if they choose to, on the trading platform provided by a partnering cryptocurrency broker. XBT News Trader is not designed to receive investment capital from its customers, as it is a software created to track news and give trading recommendations. So, the only way to use the trading signals is on the broker’s trading platform. We saw that the partner brokers don’t charge trading fees to BTC Trader customers, meaning that all profits made from cryptocurrency trades belong 100% to the traders.

    BTC Trader Makes Forex Trading Recommendations

    We were pleased to see that the BTC Trader is a flexible tool providing traders with crypto and traditional forex trading recommendations. As long as the assigned broker offers crypto and forex financial instruments on the trading platform, traders can go between the Forex and Crypto currency dashboard at XBT News Trader and enjoy investing in a broad mix of currency trading opportunities.

    Your capital might be at risk
  3. Bitcoin News Trader Support Information

    Customers who want to contact the support team at BTC Trader can write to the email address given on the contact page. Importantly, BTC Trader is only a software tool, providing news and trading recommendations. Subsequently, it does not deal with enquiries about the trading platform or funding trading accounts. Those questions must be addressed to the crypto broker allocated by BTC Trader to its registered customers.  Nevertheless, traders can expect phone and email support from their assigned cryptocurrency brokers. From what we could see, BTC Trader partners with reliable brokers, providing comprehensive customer support. Moreover, in our experience, the majority of online brokers also provide instant support, though a live chat function on the trading interface.

    Support Information
  4. Bitcoin News Trader Company Information

    The BTC Trader is totally free to use, so customers don’t need to consider funding methods or payment policies. As we explained earlier in our review, customers simply fill in the registration form for access to the BTC Trader interface. However, following registration with BTC Trader, customers are immediately assigned a broker who provides a trading platform with underlying cryptocurrency assets for trading in cryptocurrencies.

    Funding methods for depositing and withdrawing money, are indicated by the broker during account registration. Usually, forex and crypto brokers offer several payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital payment methods and bank wire transfers. However, the exact payment methods tend to vary according to the country of residence of the customer, and the geographical location of the broker.

    A key point to remember about registering with a reputable online forex/crypto broker, is the need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) policies. Usually, traders must provide colour copies of an official ID document with a photograph and a recent document proving residence. Moreover, traders using credit cards to fund their trading accounts, need to provide a photocopy of both sides of the card, blocking the security number on the back of the card, before making the copy.

  5. Your capital might be at risk

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