FXMasterBot Review 2018

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FXMasterBot is a brand new trading software that is quickly catching the eye of traders around the world. Considering the intuitiveness of this product and the fact that it offers forex trading in one software, it is easy to see how this robot is gaining momentum. When we compare the FXMasterBot to other similar auto trading product on the current global market, it is very easy to see where this specific product is clearly superior.

Because of this, we have decided to write a detailed review of this forex trading robot. We will be going over the most important factors and characteristics of this trading software with the aim of providing correct and reliable information to traders who perhaps do not have as much experience as needed to figure out if a product is a good fit for them or not. Considering that FXMasterBot is a completely free product, we believe that many traders will be interested in this gem.

  1. Website Preview

  1. FXMasterBot Account Features

    This particular robot is enhanced in a lot of ways when compared to other auto trading softwares on the market. One of the clear benefits is the possibility of choosing between several different accounts and upgrading them as you work through your trades. There are three types of accounts available in addition to the Demo account which is an enormous plus for any trading software.

    FXmasterBot Demo Account

    After you have done the simple and straightforward registration process on the website, you have the option of opening the free Demo account. The goal for using this account is to make sure that traders are equipped for dealing with the volatile market once they decide to invest real funds into their chosen trades. The free Demo account is a wonderful opportunity for all types of traders regardless of experience to learn how to use the specific trading platform and how to maximize their profit potential in a risk free environment.

    When you decide you will open the Demo account before going to the real one, you need to know that the account is active for 5 days in which time you can use it and practice on it as much as you need to.

    FXMasterBot Novice Account

    This specific account type has a minimum deposit amount of $100. This will grant traders the benefit of having 3 trades that are open at one time, in addition to trading with more than one broker and a Leaderboard multiplier x1. This account type would be a great choice for those with a limited experience in forex.

    FXMasterBot Expert Account

    With a minimum of $500 deposit you can upgrade your account to an Expert Account with additional benefits for the traders. With this particular account you get everything that you would get with the Novice Account plus the ability to trade up to 9 currency pairs, more available settings and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

    FXMasterBot Master Account

    This is the ultimate account that a trader strives for. Master account enables Leaderboard multiplier x3, customization beyond the basic two accounts, every currency pair available and also VIP customer treatment. In order to upgrade your account to Master account you will need to deposit the minimum amount of $500 with two brokers.

  2. FXMasterBot Trading Software

    The interesting and advanced thing about the FXMasterBot is that it combines forex trading, auto trading and manual trading all into one completely free software.

    If that is not enough, we have also discovered while writing this review that it also contains multiple settings that can help in customizing the trading process to suit your specific needs and investment strategies. Some of the settings are Compound Wins, Reverse Trading, Max Concurrent Trades, Daily Take Profit, Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades. Obviously, these settings are included in all accounts but not all of them are on every account.

    FXMasterBot Review – How to trade with FXMasterBot?

    When opening an account with FXMasterBot, traders need to know that this software does not require any downloads or additional plugins to work. Since it is completely web-based it can be accessed from any device that supports a basic browser and an internet connection.

    It is also important to highlight that FXMasterBot will never require or accept any payments made towards it as it is completely free and does not accept funds from traders. Once you open an account and choose a broker you wish to trade with you will be making a deposit with the broker and use your funds to place trades.

    As we mentioned previously, trading with this particular robot is intuitive and straightforward. Traders that start their trading process will be customizing their trading depending on their personal choices and preferences along with the decision of using automated or manual trading. Both options are completely valid, the only factor that will make a difference in this case is your own personal circumstances and how much time and knowledge are you willing to invest in your trading. By turning the auto-trading on, you can sit back and watch the received signals be used without you having to do anything other than adjust the settings beforehand. With a manual approach you will approve each and every trade that you place and the software will not do anything without your direct approval.

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  3. FXMasterBot Support Information

    Customer support is one of the most important aspects of financial trading especially when the trading is taking place online. This means that the software you are using needs to have an amazing support team that is willing to be professional and helps with any and all issues that traders might run into.

    During the making of this review, we have, obviously, tested this particular service and we have to be honest and say that they passed with flying colors.  Live chat is available for everyone who has any concern or issue, and the information provided is being delivered in a friendly yet professional manner.

    We also now that not all traders will feel very comfortable using a chat option, so FXMasterBot has made a great effort at providing a very detailed FAQ section that will answers to all of the most common questions that traders have. Another choice is to simply take advantage of their email option and contact them directly through it.


    Support Information
  4. FXMasterBot Company Information

    FXMasterBot s proud to be completely free of charge type software that is developed to very high standard. With this in mind, it is clear how all of the trader’s funds will be used exclusively for their trades which will be done through the deposit made to a chosen broker. Brokers are available in the trading room where you can see all of them and choose the ones you think are the best fit for your financial strategy.

    With most brokers, the minimum deposit amount is $100 which is the industry standard. Remember that FXMasterBot will never ask you to forward or deposit any money with the software – you are dealing exclusively with your broker. This type of financial trading is a great way to maximize your profit potential and choose the trading you are passionate about.

  5. Your capital might be at risk

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