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EthereumCode Review 2020

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EthereumCode is an auto trading software that is primarily focused on offering automated crypto trading. Cryptocurrencies are a very significant trend in financial markets, and it was only a question of time when will traders recognize the possibilities of automated trading in this field.

EthereumCode claims to grant all traders a 100% instant and free auto trading software that will support them on their way to becoming crypto traders. In EthereumCode review we will deliver you the most important information regarding this auto trading software such as account types, registration process, software features, customer support satisfaction and banking methods for depositing and withdrawing.

  1. Website Preview

  1. EthereumCode Account Features

    EthereumCode is a crypto trading software that offers only one account type. There are no different packages to choose from, and all traders get the same level of service. While some traders might consider this to be a bad thing, the fact is that democratic approach gives all traders an equal level of service, no matter how often or how much they trade.

    EthereumCode is a straightforward service that won’t overwhelm traders with numerous special programs that are not only sometimes quite expensive, but also hard to understand, especially for traders who are only starting their trading journey.

    EthereumCode Registration

    EthereumCode is a software that requires registration. Also, it is a free auto trading software, so you will never have to pay any fees for trading or making an account. The registration process starts at the homepage, where traders have to fill out the first part of an EthereumCode online form. Then, you will be redirected to the second part of the form, and you will have to provide some additional information like the country you’re from and phone number. The data you provided in the first step is already there, which is very convenient. After you finish the registration, you will be redirected to the trading dashboard.

    EthereumCode Brokers

    Once you are on the dashboard, you will be connected to a trading broker. Bear in mind that EthereumCode only delivers signals for auto trading, and is not a broker of any kind. For a full trading experience, you will have to make a deposit. Luckily, EthereumCode will immediately connect you with a broker that is the top choice for your geolocation. After you make a deposit with the broker, you will be able to start auto trading with EthereumCode. Minimum deposit is usually $250.

  2. EthereumCode Trading Software

    EtereumCode is an auto trading software that uses complex algorithms to find the best trading signals. Trading signals are recommendations on how to trade in a certain moment. Then, the signals is implemented on the trading dashboard, so the trader is not obligated to follow market trends by himself. EthereumCode is based on the internet technology that allows users to access the dashboard directly from the internet browser of their choice. There are no installations, downloads or updates as everything takes place in the cloud. Thanks to this technology, your computer won’t be slowed down by a hard-working program.

    The design of the dashboard is very neat and clean. Traders shouldn’t have any difficulties navigating it, as everything is neatly organized in tabs. Users can find place to deposit, history of trading, and their opened trades with a single click of the mouse. There are no complicated sections that are impossible to search.

    EthereumCode Mobile App

    Unfortunately, EthereumCode is not offering a mobile trading app at the moment. However, traders can use the mobile version of the desktop platform via their mobile browser. Considering that this is a relatively new auto trading software, we hope they will add a mobile app to their portfolio in the future. Meanwhile, you can trade via the mobile browser and never miss a trade.

    EthereumCode Demo

    In EthereumCode review, we wanted to check whether or not this software has a demo account or a demo mode you can use to learn more about the trading interface. We found no such possibility. However, we hope they will add it soon, as demo account and demo mode are the best way to introduce auto trading to traders and give them a feeling of what real trading looks like before they start real trading on the platform.

    Your capital might be at risk
  3. EthereumCode Support Information

    In our EthereumCode, we took a look at what the customer support looks like as well. Traders can still find a lot of useful information directly on the website. Also, in case of any inquiries, you can always contact your broker and ask for help regarding your deposits and withdrawals.

    Support Information
  4. EthereumCode Company Information

    EthereumCode is a free auto trading software. This means that you will never have to pay for it. Also, you won’t have to pay them any fees. But, in order to use it, you will need a broker, and most brokers require a deposit in the amount of $250. This deposit will be used for trading only.

    When it comes to withdrawals, you’ll have to count on different minimum withdrawal limits, all depending on the broker and the transaction method you want to use. In most cases, credit card is the most convenient way to deposit and withdraw, as it is supported by most broker and in most countries in the world. Minimum trade with this software is $25, and for minimum deposit you will be able to execute 10 trades.

  5. Your capital might be at risk

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