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Algo Signals Review 2020

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  • Min. Deposit $250
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  • Mobile Yes
  • Software Proprietary
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Algo Signals aims to help all the New Zealand traders who wish to enhance their Forex as well as their Crypto experience. It is so easy to use that allows traders to place their Forex and Cryptocurrency trades effortlessly. By being user-friendly, Algo Signals makes it easy for traders to apply several trading strategies and money management methods.

If you are in New Zealand and you are ready to take your trading experience to the next level then, keep reading our review to find out how Algo Signals can help you do that by offering so many account types, a great customer support, exciting prizes and low minimum deposit.

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  1. Algo Signals Account Features

    Algo Signals is an advanced software that gives the opportunity to New Zealand traders to boost their Forex and Crypto trading experience by allowing them to upgrade their trading account as they progress. What is important, is the fact that traders can practice by using the free demo account before they decide to switch to a live account. Hence, novice traders can improve their trading skills, get to know how to use the free signals, trading tools as well as the platform.

    Algo Signals Novice Account

    As already explained, Algo Signals offers a low minimum deposit so that beginners can start trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies just by depositing $250. With the novice account, traders gain access to a special set of benefits that include 3 currency pairs, a chance to keep 3 trades open at the same time and trade with multiple brokers and Leaderboard multiplier x1.

    Algo Signals Expert Account

    Once beginners become more advanced traders they can upgrade to an expert account. In order to do so, traders need to deposit $500 and then, they get access to added benefits including trading 9 currency pairs, gaining access to additional settings and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

    Algo Signals Master Account

    The full power of the Algo Signals software comes to New Zealand traders who unleash its full potential by upgrading to a master account. In order to do so, they need to make a $500 deposit to two different brokers. Once they do, they receive all the previously mentioned benefits plus Leaderboard multiplier x3, all the advanced settings and all the currency pairs as well as a VIP customer support. This proves how valuable this account type is.

    Algo Signals Demo Account

    Novice traders or traders who simply wish to test the waters can use the free demo account for 5 full days and make as many trades as they wish. The demo account comes preloaded with $1500. Please note that this is a demo account and no real money can be made. This is just for practicing and getting familiar with the software and the trading tools offered. In order to make money, traders need to switch to a live account once they become confident and skilled enough.

  2. Algo Signals Trading Software

    Several settings are available in Algo Signals including Forex and Crypto trading. These setting include Reverse Trading, Max Daily Trades, Daily Take Profit, Daily Stop Loss and setting the preferred probability for the trading signals the traders receive. As a result, New Zealand traders can be in control of their trading experience. The settings available increase with each account type. The more advanced the account is, the more settings it offers.

    How to Trade Forex with Algo Signals?

    Stop loss and take profit are the most important trading tools available to traders. By setting a stop loss and take profit, traders can be in full control of their money. For instance, if a trader sets the stop loss to $100 and the take profit to $200 then, the system will automatically close the trade once any of those two prespecified prices are met. Hence, traders can know exactly what their profit or loss will be in advance since there is not an expiration for these. Thus, traders can focus on their trading instead of constantly having to worry whether or not it is a good time to close their trade.

    How Does Algo Signals Work?

    Algo Signals is a free, web-based software that can be run directly from any web browser and hence, it does not require a download and it won’t take any space on your computer. It is important for traders to understand that Algo Signals is not a broker but serves as the connection between traders and licensed brokers. This means that deposits and withdrawals are done by the broker and not by Algo Signals. Several banking methods are available depending on the selected broker.

    What Is Algo Signals Leaderboard?

    New Zealand traders have the chance to participate in the leaderboard awards and win big prizes by earning special points. Explained below is the formula that the leaderboard is based on. Moreover, the leaderboard is reset every month so that there is a fair chance for all New Zealand traders to win big.

    For instance, a New Zealand trader who has reached a trading volume of $1000, deposited $2000, withdrew $500 and is on the master level will receive 4500 points based on the above formula. 1000 (trading volume) x 3 (multiplier for master level) + 2000 (deposits) – 500 (withdrawals) equals 4500.

    Your capital might be at risk
  3. Algo Signals Support Information

    Any trader is welcome to contact the live chat in order to seek advice on how the platform is used or how to make a deposit. The customer support is available 24/5 to all existing and potential users of the platform meaning that Algo Signals’ support team will try to professionally answer all the inquiries and solve any problems as fast as possible.

    Support Information
  4. Algo Signals Company Information

    As already explained, Algo Signals is just a software, not a broker. All deposits and withdrawals are done through the allocated brokers. Traders can gain access to the system by making a minimum deposit to at least one broker available on the dashboard. The minimum deposit is set at $250 which gives the opportunity for beginners to start trading by using this free software with a low capital.

    Algo Signals Review Verdict

    New Zealand traders wishing to boost their trading experience should try the free software of Algo Signals. By doing so, traders have access to several trading settings, signals, different account types depending on their deposit so that they enhance their trading experience as well as taking part and winning big prizes through the leaderboard system.

  5. Your capital might be at risk
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