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The Best Binary Options Brokers & Trading Platforms

Since 2008 a lot of binary brokers have emerged. The list of binary options brokers now count more than 130 binary brokers in many different jurisdictions around the globe. When you begin trading options online it is impossible for you to find the best and most secure binary brokers. We have compiled a list of the best brokers for people in New Zealand to trade with. Common for all of them is that they provide English support and all live out to our requirements in regards to support, fairness, banking and safety. It is important for us that deposits and withdrawals are handled in a swift manner with no unnecessary delays and obstacles.

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We test and review all brokers before getting listed on our site. We due proper due diligence to assure that our customers will get a good service and fair treatment. Generally speaking most binary options brokers are all respectable but till we have tested a broker we do not suggest signing up with a broker since we don’t want you to risk not getting paid in case you make a nice profit.

The minimal deposit is usually between $100 and $500. If you are a new trader its a good idea to pick a broker where you can get a demo account. The demo allows you to trade with monopoly money before starting trading for real money. This way you get to understand what trading options is about and you get familiar with the software.

We wish you best of luck and hope you fill find a broker that suits your needs.

Since there are countless binary options brokers that now operate online, it is important to go through the binary options broker reviews that we have prepared. The brokers sections clearly specify who are the top rated and the most reliable brokers on the Internet. We ensure that we have thoroughly analyzed the brokers that appear in the whitelist. Moreover, we offer constant support for those who have encountered difficulties while dealing with our associates.
At present, the Internet is full of negative reviews on brokers that come mainly from traders who are upset because they have lost money while trading. It is important to understand that trading will always involve a certain level of risk and losing money is a possibility. The reviews written by resentful traders are not at all practical, because they can undermine a fair and trustworthy broker.
Most frequently, these unfavorable reviews are written either by rivals or by persons that are displeased as a result of having lost their money. As opposed to the reviews typically found online, the reviews that appear on our website are not biased. We have always maintained our integrity in the fight against scams, so we only mention deceitful brokers after intense investigations. Reading binary options broker reviews before actually trading with a broker is very important and the main arguments are resumed as follows:

  • Learning about the existence of special bonuses and Gold accounts
  • Discovering the assets that are available for trading. The truth is that not all online trading platforms offer the same assets. While some brokers offer a wide selection of assets, others have fewer.
  • Beginners can find out if the online trading platform offers valuable customer support. Generally, beginners have to face multiple issues and often need assistance and therefore need constant access to a customer support service.
  • Determining how the platform works. The difficulty lies in the fact that some online platforms can be quite confusing to a first-time user. Consequently, it is necessary to explore the platform to see if it is easy to work with before making a final choice.

Our website assesses brokers and offers advice. We only list brokers that are reliable and safe to trade with. Trough our black list we point out the brokers that are involved in fraudulent practices. Equally important is the fact that we are different from other websites that provide subjective reviews. Finding a reliable broker will help the trader save time and financial resources and those who do not do some research on the brokers can often end up losing their money to scams.
On the internet there are over 300 binary options brokers that try to convince traders to use their platform. As a result, t is hard for the trader to know where is the best service. Fair Binary Options has developed a singular rating system that evaluates brokers based on the categories that the readers are interested in. This will help determine the characteristics that a broker should have in order to be considered appropriate.
There are numerous classifications of which we can mention: best broker in general, quick payout, monitored, highest bonus, quality customer support fast compensation. Within each division the website lists the top-ranking broker, while the others are classified according to several FBO indicators of standard quality. The brokers that do not meet the requirements are not listed.

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