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Binary Options Auto Trading

Binary Options Auto Trading is the perfect first step in the right direction for newbie traders. You may already have heard a lot about trading signals and how these handy notifications can potentially transform an average trader into a successful one, practically overnight. Auto Trading ventures a step further by reading the signals and then makes the trades for you, requiring minimal human input. All you have to do is sit back and focus on reeling in the profits.

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How Does Binary Auto Trading Work?

Auto trading comes recommended by many experts and is especially suitable for beginners who lack the necessary skills and experience to make their own choices. By using auto trading, traders can adopt a more laid-back approach as they don’t have to worry about analyzing charts and graphs or following market trends and financial news. The robot receives signals from financial experts or computer based algorithms, then takes all the steps to execute the trade, thereby giving traders the opportunity to increase their profits even with having little to no familiarity with the trading process.

Take off some of the pressure to perform well immediately and ease into the trading experience by making use of binary auto trading. You definitely won’t regret it.

Choosing a Robot for Binary Auto Trading

BOR Logo SmallRobots are the newest trend to spread across the financial sector. Most software will differ in terms of the design of the trading platform; standalone applications are more stable but most be downloaded and installed on the user’s PC. Understandably, this can prove bothersome for some traders. Browser plug-ins are an even worse option since it is much less stable and oftentimes clumsy.

We only recommend auto traders which make use of web-based software, so there is no need for cumbersome installing or downloading of additional extensions or programs. BinaryOptionsRobot not only uses the best, automated binary trading software online with no need for downloads, but also trades with the most trusted brokers around, contributing to its credibility, so you can guarantee that you will be safe when using this robot. As an added plus, setting up an account with them is completely free of charge with no hidden costs.

Is it Safe and Is It Worth it?

As far as benefits go, they are multiple as listed above, as opposed to manual trading. The question that most traders are interested in is how much they are likely to earn using this form of trading. With reliable, honest services like Binary Options Robot, we have repeatedly calculated successful results  and high win rates ranging from 60.

However, we advise users to exert caution when opting for different robots. Always be on the alert not to fall for the most common trading scams, such as promises of big payouts and various ‘make money fast’ schemes, implemented by sleazy companies to entice customers to sign up with them. These types of assurances are a far cry from the real results such sites will actually yield.

Social Trading in Binary Options

Social trading platforms work similarly to auto-trading, the main difference being that this type of platform allows investors to copy trades made by more successful binary options traders, in order to maximize their profits, without having to rely on complex fundamental or technical analysis. As a successful trader, you can also get other investors to copy your own trades and get rewarded for it, earning yourself, even more, money. So the idea behind the concept of social trading is that useful trading information is made public for others to benefit from, encouraging a win-win situation for all.

Social Trading and Copy Trading as form of Auto Trading

Binary options trading is ever evolving industry and auto trading is no exception to this rule. Among the latest trends in the industry is copy trading and social trading, two very familiar types of trading that still have some differences. Also, these innovative ways of placing trades are often deeply intervened with auto trading software.

Social trading and copy trading are often additional features on auto trading platforms or can exist as standalone platforms. They are a further step in the development of binary options industry.

What is Social Trading in Binary Options?

Social trading is, as the name says, based on social networks and forums. Traders get together in chat rooms and share advice and experiences. They can also follow each other to know what popular traders are doing and how they are thinking. Copiers can select what trades to place, according to the gossip in the community. Of course, social binary options trading requests more knowledge than classic auto trading, but it is also better for traders who want to have complete control over their funds and actions. The trader is the one who is responsible, as he has the final world.

What is Copy Trading in Binary Options?

Copy trading is the much easier solution for all binary options problems. It is much more straightforward than social trading, and it is more similar to binary options auto trading. First, traders have to find another successful trader, according to filter features provided. Then, they simply have to select the option to copy the trades. Unfortunately, this no-brainer approach is often risky, as even the best traders make mistakes.

Copy trading vs. Social trading vs. Auto Trading

It is hard to recommend one type of binary options trading over the other, as all of them have their good and bad sides. Also, copy, social and automated trading are often available on the same platform, and traders can select which one they prefer, or whatever combination they like.

There are many platforms that combine copy trading with auto trading, and traders should definitely consider this option?

Are Social Trading and Copy Trading Reliable?

Before making the final judgment about social trading and copy trading, traders should now that these types of trading are reliable as companies that offer this type of service. Social trading on a scam platform won’t bring satisfying results, but trading with the well-known and respected platform will definitely be more profitable.

Two best social and copy trading platforms are CopyOp and eToro. CopyOp is in the ownership of AnyOption binary broker and is regulated by CySEC, while eToro is a platform specialized in social and copy trading that is regulated by both CySEC and FCA in the United Kingdom.

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