Stronger euro

Stronger euro

Eurozone GDP fall in value of 0.6% was lower than forecast at 0.4%, the biggest drop since the first quarter of 2009. Such a strong reduction in the basic rate of the economy suggests that the recession in the euro zone is gaining its momentum, so there is still a long road to recovery. During the… Read more

Euro is rising

The continued recovery of the euro due to the desire of market participants to keep their assets in the background of the active mitigation cost the world’s leading currencies. On the one hand, this is a positive sign, because the inflow of fresh funds into the banking sector in the euro zone will affect the… Read more

EU summit is in the market focus now

The Bank of England and the ECB, as expected, left interest rates unchanged. Interesting for the markets was the performance of the British central bank head, as well as Mario Draghi’s press conderence. Mark Carney in his speech expressed negative attitude to currency interventions (although it is not clear to what place this statement is influenced, and… Read more

7 February Forex daily review

Draghi has still a surprise in store, though not directly comment on the dynamics of the euro currency. The first half of the day was positive in anticipation Draghi and his acquiescence. But the head of the ECB spoke about the negative effects on the economy and cut the EUR rally in the bud. As a result, EUR/USD… Read more

European currencies came off

It is significant that the Forex market is in such a good mood at the beginning of the month. Usually, the employment report is reason enough to stay away, especially when it comes on the first working day. But it happened that investors do not wait. We see that the euro is going up on reports from… Read more

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